MMA and rodeo merged into an exciting night of action on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (Perris,CA). An enthusiastic audience enjoyed 8 amateur MMA fights, from BAMMAUSA’s ALFA League, as well as bull ring action provided by MMA Bullring.

The event was entertaining on both sides of the cage, as the BAMMA USA MMA cage shared the floor with a bull ring. Four cowboys, all United States Marines, three of which have multiple wartime tours of duty (the fourth leaves in less than a month for his wartime tour of duty) dodged bulls instead of punches. They presented the bull ring games of “Money Grab”, “Bull Soccer”, and “Cowboy Poker” during the two intermissions of the fight card. The fights inside the MMA cage displayed the bright future of the sport, with submission and TKO finishes in addition to some hotly contested decisions. When asked about the fights, BAMMAUSACEO Brett Roberts stated that “The ALFA League fighters came to fight tonight and they delivered again with some great MMA action.”

Edgar Gonzalez Wins Main Event bySplitDecision

The action filled featherweight bout between Edgar Gonzalez (2-1) and Abraham Nava (3-1) had the audience on their feet early with both fighters trading continuous punches throughout the first round. After some punches were exchanged to start the second round, Total MMA Studio’s Edgar Gonzalez tried to take the fight to the ground but Abraham Nava, fighting out of Knuckleheadz Gym, put a stop to that attempt by delivering some huge hammer fists to Gonzalez’s face. Seeing that Gonzalez wanted to keep the fight on the mat, Nava promptly achieved full mount and the two fighters threw punches from their respective positions, with Nava getting the better of the exchange. Gonzalez was able to get an arm bar submission attempt on Nava’s right arm but there wasn’t sufficient time remaining in the round for him to complete the finish. Both fighters threw a couple of punches to start the third round before Nava caught a Gonzalez leg kick attempt that put Gonzalez’s shoulders on the mat. Gonzalez quickly secured his legs around the waist of the standing Nava. From this position Nava threw punches with his left hand as Gonzalez worked on getting Nava’s right arm into an arm bar submission hold. Nava tried a couple of times to break the hold by lifting Gonzalez off the mat and returning his head to the floor with great acceleration but Gonzalez would not let go. Nava eventually got out of the hold and achieved side mount as time expired in the fight.







Edgar Gonzalez

Abraham Nava

SplitDecision (29.5-29, 28.5-29.5, 30-28.5)


Kyle Hurley

Kyle Mason

RNC (Rear Naked choke)



Christian Aguilera

Fernando Kopp




Jonathan Wilson

Michael Mosley




Justin Blankenship

Pedro Leco

NC (Leco injury as fighters announced)


David Duran

Terrance Ortiz

Arm Bar



Jhovani Rivera

David Bernal

UD (30-26.5, 30-26.5, 30-25)


Jourdan Chavez

Jesus Curioso

RNC (Rear Naked Choke)


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